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Sim 4 STEM to partner with Dallara this May 1, 3 and 8th

We are thrilled to announce that the exciting new program Sim 4 STEM will be held at Dallara USA for three dates in May. This collaboration will focus on bringing together sim racing and STEM education for high school girls, with the support of Init Esports and Formula Female. Sim 4 STEM is a leading credited STEM program that utilizes sim racing equipment, while Dallara is a renowned manufacturer of Indy race cars chassis. Together, they will be working towards introducing high school girls to the exciting world of motorsports through a unique program that combines sim racing and STEM education. The collaboration will be supported by two key organizations – Init Esports and Formula Female. Init Esports is a leading provider of sim racing esports events and initiatives, for women by women, while Formula Female is an organization that aims to inspire and empower women in motorsports. The events will take place on May 1,3, and 8 at the headquarters of Dallara USA Indianapolis, IN. The program will include workshops and sim racing sessions, where high school girls will get hands-on experience with the latest sim racing equipment and learn about the science and technology behind racing. We are excited about this collaboration between Sim 4 STEM, Dallara USA, Init Esports, and Formula Female. We believe it has the potential to inspire a new generation of girls to pursue careers in motorsports and STEM fields. Research has shown that girls who are involved in gaming and esports are 68% more likely to entertain a career in STEM. This is our way to facilitate the pathway. If you know an informal educator, teacher, or school who would be interested in registering students for the workshop, please send them to Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more updates on this exciting program in the near future..

About Init Esports

Init Esports is a woman-led esports company that focuses on sim racing special events and motorcycle esports tournaments. We bring esports content to fans and sponsorship opportunities to brands. Init Esports produces and promotes online competitions and real-life events, maximizing the reach of esports audiences across multiple sports, industries, and platforms. DEI is in our DNA. Init Esports is the producer and organizer of Race Me and Screen to Speed. Our own platform aims to combat bullying and cheating to help make the digital world as safe and fair as possible. Visit for more info.

About Formula Female

Founded in 2019, Formula Female is an organization that aims to inspire the next generation of female leaders in motorsports through a range of initiatives and programs. The organization's mission is to create a more inclusive and diverse industry by empowering young women to pursue careers in motorsports. For more info visit

About Dallara USA

Dallara is a world-renowned engineering company specializing in designing and manufacturing high-performance race cars. With over 45 years of experience, Dallara has been at the forefront of motorsport innovation, creating some of the most successful race cars in history. The company has a strong presence in the United States, with its state-of-the-art facility located in Speedway, Indiana, serving as the hub of its North American operations. For more info visit:

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