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Sim 4 STEM Schools Competition: Igniting Young Minds and Paving the Way for Women in Motorsport

Dublin, Ireland 06/11/23 - The Sim 4 STEM Schools Competition, presented in partnership with Dublin City Sports and Wellbeing Partnership and Active Cities, has concluded, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of participating students and showcasing the boundless potential of the next generation in motorsport.

Over the course of five weeks, 150 students from diverse backgrounds in disadvantaged areas came together to embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery, combining the thrill of sim racing with the power of STEM concepts. Their achievements are nothing short of remarkable, as they seamlessly blended education and excitement.

Sim 4 STEM empowered students to harness their inner racers while developing critical STEM skills. Each week, students completed Sim racing and STEM challenges to better understand the science and skills of racing and the progress of their driving was exponential.

The Sim 4 STEM curriculum not only inspired these students but also instilled a powerful message: "girls can race too." Empowering the future generation of female racers is an integral part of the program's mission.

Leanne Osunde, a standout among the 150 schoolgirls who participated, demonstrated incredible promise in sim racing. Leanne's virtual driving skills allowed her to mirror the real-world laptime of 1:10.792 at Mondello Park in a Junior Mini Challenge car, highlighting the hidden talent and potential that Sim 4 STEM can uncover.

15 yr old stand out Leanne Osunde reflects on her Sim 4 STEM experience

The top 20 students out of the 150 participants are set to advance to the Sim 4 STEM Sim Racing Finals. The ultimate winner will experience the thrill of putting their skills to the test in a real-life Junior Mini Challenge car, taking a step closer to the world of professional motorsport.

The Sim 4 STEM Schools Competition stands as a shining example of how sim racing, education, and inclusivity can create pathways for young girls to enter the world of motorsport. By fostering a love for STEM concepts and racing from an early age, the program not only sparks interest but also provides a tangible route for future participation in motorsport.

"This was an amazing program. I witnessed firsthand the students' self-belief and confidence in their skills increasing week on week," attested one teacher. "We are looking forward to finals day. Huge thanks to Nicci and all the Sim 4 STEM team for enriching the lives of the students in our school."

Sim 4 STEM highlights the motorsport industry and how youth programs can encourage young girls to get involved. As the program gains recognition in the racing world, it shows the potential for the next generation of motorsport stars.

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