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Sim 4 STEM Accelerates to Detroit, Unveiling a Thrilling Partnership with DNG Motors

Revving Up Education: Sim 4 STEM Accelerates to Detroit, Unveiling a Thrilling Partnership with DNG Motors

Detroit, MI - August 15, 2023 - Get ready to witness the ignition of young minds as Sim 4 STEM races into Detroit, a city renowned for its automotive legacy. DNG Motors and Sim 4 STEM have joined forces to spark a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education among the future generation. With the DeLorean family's history as a backdrop, this partnership is set to take the Motor City by storm

When DNG Motors expressed its dedication to empowering young minds within the automotive industry, the collaboration with the Sim 4 STEM program became an inevitable next step. This dynamic 9-day program, running from September 12 to 20, at the Detroit Historical Society Museum will immerse up to 360 students in an exhilarating blend of STEM activities, motorsports exploration, and hands-on simulator experiences.

"We believe in meeting kids where they are and opening their eyes to the limitless possibilities that the automotive and motorsports worlds hold," shared Stefy Bau, Sim 4 STEM co-founder "Our program has already left an indelible mark on countless lives, guiding them towards pursuing rewarding careers in this incredible industry." Continue Nicci Daly, Sim 4 STEM co-founder.

Under the expert guidance of educators, each day will see a cohort of up to 40 students transform into a motorsport team, diving deep into the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The pinnacle of their journey will culminate in a test of their newfound knowledge aboard an INDY car in top-of-the-line simulators - a thrilling showcase of their skills and growth.

For the first time ever, the final 4 days of the program will be open to all, breaking down barriers to entry and welcoming students from across Detroit to dive into the world of STEM and motorsports with Sim 4 STEM. Teachers can register their groups, and students can sign up individually, all without any cost. Thanks to the generous support of DNG Motors, lunch will be provided, and it's a first-come, first-served opportunity.

To secure your spot, register by visiting and prepare to be part of a transformative journey.

But the excitement doesn't end there. Sim 4 STEM participants will receive an exclusive ticket to the Autoshow, courtesy of DNG Motors. They'll also have the chance to tour the industry alongside the remarkable Kat DeLorean and her husband, Jason Seymour.

Jason Seymour stated, "We're leveraging our influence in the automotive industry to illuminate the myriad paths to a future automotive career." Kat continues: "Our aim is to ignite dreams and guide these young talents through the doors of possibility."

Together, the Sim 4 STEM program and DNG Motors are steering the trajectory of education and empowerment, revving up to inspire the next generation of automotive trailblazers. Join the wave of change and help balance the ratio in the world of STEM and Motorsports.

Don't wait - register today for this unique opportunity that promises to reshape young minds and steer them toward a future fueled by passion and innovation. About Sim 4 STEM Sim 4 STEM is a pioneering multi-day program that fuses sim racing, STEM education, and digital content creation to fast-track women's inclusion in motorsport and STEM fields. By eliminating barriers of access, exposure, and perception, this initiative, led by women, offers middle and high school girls authentic experiences emulating a real-world motorsports team. The program's core pillars encompass sim racing, experiential STEM learning, and digital content creation, creating a dynamic learning environment that kindles passion, nurtures growth, and equips young girls to excel in traditionally male-dominated domains. Through this innovative blend, Sim 4 STEM aspires to ignite enthusiasm, drive transformation, and foster a new generation of confident women poised to make their mark in these industries.

About DNG:

DeLorean Next Generation, DNG for short, is a new kind of company. We are not a traditional automotive company, we are instead a Dream Empowerment company fueled by Automobiles. Our team of passion-driven individuals has worked diligently to gather top partners in the automotive and education sectors to help create a high school education program that defies convention and challenges the status quo.

DNG will bring full-scale automotive engineering, design, and manufacturing to public high schools around the country. With an approach to teaching that incorporates hands-on, practical experiences allowing students to connect what they are learning in every class to meaningful application in their desired career path, we will reinvigorate students' love for learning and hope for their future. With a goal of reducing the 33% rate of student hopelessness by half in 5 years and completely in 10 DNG is starting with engineering classes in automotive and manufacturing designed to rebuild our American Dream.

DNG is developing partnerships with already established programs that have a proven track record of excellence. By bringing together the best and building off a strong and established foundation, DNG has been able to create something that we are already working to implement in the first school district in Indiana. DNG’s approach to partnership, collaboration, and excellence has also allowed us to engage top Automotive partners to engineer and manufacture an exclusive vehicle that will serve to drive DNG’s efforts forward into the future. By partnering with a top Industry Engineer with a reputation for excellence and quality to help us realize the Model-JZD, DNG has found a way to leverage the heritage, legacy, and DNA of John DeLorean to fulfill Kat’s dream of creating a lasting change for our next generation. Kat and her team of exceptional humans will help answer the needs of the next generation and show the world that those who live in boxes will be left in the past.

About the Detroit Historical Society Museum Since its founding in 1921, the Detroit Historical Society has been dedicated to ensuring that the history of our region is preserved so that current and future generations of metro Detroiters can better understand the people, places, and events that helped shape our lives.

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