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Schoolgirls gear up for All Ireland Karting Competition

Motorsport Ireland & Formula Female’s Go Girls Karting & STEM initiative is delighted to announce the Go Girls Schools Shootout Competition.

Schools and students who qualified through the 2019 Go Girls Karting & STEM initiative will be invited back to take part in the Go Girls Schools Shootout Competition on the 10th of December at Kiltorcan Raceway, Co. Kilkenny. Students from across Ireland will represent their school and compete for the opportunity to experience driving a Tillotson T4 competitive racing kart.

As part of the Sport Ireland Women in Sport program and supported by Suzanne Campion, the Go Girls Karting & STEM initiative (launched in 2019) is designed to drive visibility and active participation in the sport, by highlighting positive female role models and providing workshops to demystify and align practical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects with Motorsport as well as an introduction to kart driving.

The competition will include a typical Motorsport Ireland race format, including practice, heats and a final, followed by a podium presentation for the top 3. Finalists will be awarded a test day in a Tillotson T4 racing kart. A special award will be given in memory of Go Girls supporter John Campion called the John Campion Spirit Award for the driver who displays the most spirited effort on the day.

Concluding the day will be a Women in Motorsport Q&A panel hosted by, featuring female representatives from Formula 1, Karting, Engineering, Esports and more. The panel discussion will provide insights into the various disciplines, careers and accessibility into Motorsport, as well as highlighting the individual stories of our female role models.

Panelists include,

  1. Pippa Treacy (Go Girls mentor & Development Engineer for Mercedes F1 team)

  2. Kayleigh Cole (Kart & Circuit Racing Driver)

  3. Laura Hannon (Digital Motorsports & Esports, Daisy’s 1st Race Car author & Formula Woman Competitor)

  4. Rebecca McDonald & Saira Kern (UCD Formula Student team)

  5. Nicci Daly (Motorsport Engineering & Formula Female)

  6. Vroom Racing (All female F1 in schools team)

Details for the Go Girls Karting & STEM initiative for 2022 will be announced shortly.

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