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Go Girls Karting & STEM 2023

Formula Female is delighted to announce the Go Girls Karting & STEM program is now taking bookings for 2023.

The program, launched in 2019 has introduced over 1200 secondary school girls from all over Ireland to Motorsport. The Go Girls workshops provides an opportunity to combine sporting and educational experiences as schoolgirls get behind the wheel.

Using Motorsports as a platform to teach STEM education gives students an avenue to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world examples. It enables them to get excited about what they are learning and to be able to translate the theory into something that is real and fun.

​Those well versed in STEM have options to start a career in many different disciplines as well as Motorsport.

The Go Girls day itself includes getting behind the wheel for a virtual karting experience on our state of the art driving simulators as well as completing a Motorsport STEM workshop, which includes 5 activities, to demystify and align practical STEM subjects, highlight the role the subjects play in Motorsport and the career opportunities available.

For 2023, Go Girls will introduce simulators and simulator technology. Simulators in Motorsport are highly accurate training and development tools used by amateur and professional motorsport drivers and teams all over the world, including F1. Simulators and their technology are proven to aid teams and drivers in their development. Simulators can significantly reduce cost by allowing engineering designs and vehicle setups to be tried and tested without the need for being on track. They also allow drivers to turn hundreds of laps to practice and fine tune their driving skills and techniques.

Simulators also offer an entry way into participation in the sport for those looking to get started in motorsport to help build knowledge, experience and confidence before making the step in to the real thing. In recent years, we have seen sim racing become extremely popular with the introduction of many online racing competitions, leading to sim racers even making a professional sporting career for themselves.

Sim racing for women has also become more popular, with the introduction of the W series (a women only racing series) who, during the COVID-19 pandemic developed an online W series and subsequently encouraged more young girls to get behind the wheel virtually.

This year, a global sim racing competition called screen to speed has launched for women by women. The competition, setup and run by Init esports and Kelly Moss racing offers females all over the world the opportunity to compete online. The top 20 sim racers of the competition will be invited to Las Vegas to compete in the finals competition in March with the winner being offered an opportunity to step into a real life racing car with Kelly Moss Racing.

If you already have a sim setup at home and would like to take part, you can visit for more information.

The Go Girls program will use simulators to introduce students to driving fundamentals such as the racing line, braking and turn in points as well as throttle application and steering.

Students will also get to step into the shoes of racing engineers by using the simulator to understand how tyre pressures affect performance and how to fine tune tyre pressure settings for optimum performance.

Schools are now being invited to sign up for the Go Girls Karting & STEM workshops which will be delivered on site at each school.

If your school is interested in signing up for a Go Girls Karting & STEM Experience Day, please have a teacher or other school representative complete the form below:

Places are limited so we advise schools to sign up as soon as possible to ensure their place.

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