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Formula Female welcomes CYEN Women Empowerment program

This International Women’s day we would like to welcome the CYEN Women Empowerment group to our Formula Female platform. Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network (CYEN) empowers young people in Uganda to be able to create the society that they want to live in, through training in ethics, international citizenship, project management, vision development and problem-solving. Every member delivers their own social project in a deprived area.

We are delighted to be able to support the female empowerment program which focuses on encouraging girls to stay in school, build their confidence and identify their talents to reach their potential.

The female empowerment program teaches entrepreneurship, and ways to generate income such as making liquid soap and sanitary towels. They encourage more girls into sport, particularly athletics so they can stay active and healthy.

It gives girls a role to peer-mentor other girls at the school, to ensure that they can speak up about any issues they face.

We hope to be able to use Formula Female as a platform for these young girls to be able to share their stories and their projects and the efforts they are making to create a better life for young girls in their areas. We will also be helping them to raise money to continue and build their female empowerment program to reach more young girls.

Here are some of the girls from the female empowerment group at their own international women’s day event in Gulu, Uganda where they got to meet some female entrepreneurs and ask them questions.

If you would like to support CYEN and the female empowerment group you can make donations through their crowdfunder page

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