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Formula Female team for Tillotson T4 World Cup 2021 #DreamLikeDaisy

Formula Female has put together a fantastic female lineup of 7 drivers across three different categories for the Tillotson T4 World Cup next month at Whiteriver Karting centre.

In partnership with Laura Hannon, Formula Female will launch Daisy's 1st Racecar, Laura's 1st book in a series of STEM inspired children's books that will follow Daisy on her journey through Motorsport & STEM. #DreamLikeDaisy

The message is clear, to #DreamLikeDaisy. To help the next generation believe anything is possible and encourage them to follow their dreams. Proceeds will go to support the children's services through the Cork University Hospital CUH Charity.

We are excited to be back at the T4 World Cup with Tillotson Racing again this year. A company we feel aligned with on making the sport more inclusive. Tillotson developed the T4 series with a focus on making a more accessible and affordable entry into the sport. Since they launched in Ireland in 2019, Tillotson have expanded into 30 countries all over the world, introducing new members to the sport.

This year we wanted to create a team that embodies the #DreamLikeDaisy spirit and promote the real life girls of Motorsport that are exactly like the character of Daisy. We want to show the next generation what is possible and what they can achieve just like these real life girls.

Let us introduce you to our team members.

T4 Mini Lily Rose Hughes (Age 10) Ava Kelly (Age 12)

T4 Junior Amira Bouhlel (Age 12) Holly Dunnion (Age 13) Ellen Donnelly (Age 16)

T4 Senior Roisin Sweeney (Age 17) Kelsey Kirby (Age 24)

We welcome back series regular Roisin Sweeney to the T4 World Cup while introducing IAME Junior X30 regulars, Amira Bouhlel, Holly Dunnion and Ellen Donnelly to enjoy their first experience in the T4 Series.

Lily Rose Hughes joins us from the IAME cadet class to the T4 mini class after enjoying her first ever season in competitive karting.

We are also welcoming 2 brand new drivers to the sport through this event. Kelsey Kirby, a Formula Woman competitor and Ava Kelly join us for their first ever competitive experience in Karting.

If getting started in karting is something you would like to try please get in touch with us to help you get setup in your region and for more information on the Tillotson T4 packages please visit

For more information for those located in Ireland please visit or email us.

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