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A New Pathway to Participation in Motorsport for Schoolgirls

Motorsport Ireland & Formula Female are delighted to announce the Go Girls Karting & STEM initiative for 2022. The program, supported by Sport Ireland and Cjj Motorsports is designed to drive visibility, opportunity and a pathway to active participation in the Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship.

Phase 1: Go Girls Experience Days

720 school girls will have the opportunity to take part in 24 experience days all over Ireland. The day itself includes getting behind the wheel for a karting experience as well as completing a Motorsport STEM workshop to demystify and align practical STEM subjects, highlight the role the subjects play in Motorsport and the career opportunities available.

Using Motorsports as a platform to teach STEM education gives students an avenue to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world examples. It enables them to get excited about what they are learning and to be able to translate the theory into something that is real and fun.

Those well versed in STEM have options to start a career in many different disciplines as well as Motorsport.

120 school girls will advance from the 24 experience days to represent their school in the Go Girls Karting Provincial Championship. The karting championship aims to empower more young girls by giving them confidence in what they can achieve.

Phase 2: Go Girls Academy

The Go Girls Academy ensures the most talented and most motivated students remain in the sport. The top two school girls from each provincial competition will advance to the Go Girls Academy to compete in a round of the Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship. Students with a motivated interest in STEM that are keen to gain more experience working in the industry will be encouraged to join the team to fulfil roles as engineers and mechanics.

The Go Girls Karting and STEM initiative is one of a kind in Ireland, taking students from a first experience to competitive action.

We are inviting schools to sign up NOW via the registration link below and we look forward to seeing you there.

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