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Millstreet Community School take on STEM Challenge

We welcomed Millstreet Community School to Adventure Park at Kartworld Cork yesterday the 10th Dec. for the Go Girls Karting Initiative. It was another fantastic day introducing young girls to Motorsport through STEM.

The wet weather didn't turn them off either, in fact some even said the "Sliding was even more fun"

The girls showed great enthusiasm to learn throughout the day and searched for more and more information about the sport, from wireless data acquisition systems to understanding placement of sensors and the need to sense certain parameters.

It wasn't the first time these girls had used a ratchet and socket before when two of the groups beat the current pit-stop challenge record of 49s to give Millstreet Community school the new record holders of 45s.

The day didn't end there. Kayls Cole Karting and Ellen Donnelly Karting dropped by to speak to the students and share their stories about how they got started in the sport.

It was great to have Kayleigh and Ellen up because less than 18 months ago they were just like the students sitting there today. They had no prior experience or knowledge of the sport, but today Kayleigh is already a Munster Champion and a club Champion with Tullyallen Kart Club and finished 3rd in the Motorsport Ireland Championship this year. Ellen has only just started this year in the sport and sees Kayleigh as inspiration to reach the same levels in the upcoming seasons. It was important for the students to see and hear these stories to empower them.

We look forward to welcoming some of the students from Millstreet Community School back for the All Ireland Karting Competition.

We would like to thank all the staff at Adventure Park at Kartworld Cork for all their help in putting on a great day.

If your school is interested in taking part they can sign up at or

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