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Meet the Team - Roisin Sweeney

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Roísín Sweeney

Age: 17

Class: T4 Senior

Role Model: Nicole Drought & Max Verstappen

Fav food: Pasta Carbonara

Racing Goals: To keep improving & take home a win soon

We welcome back series regular Roísín Sweeney as part of our Formula Female team for the T4 World Cup in 2020. We are delighted to have Roìsín with us again this year.

Roísín's goals are to keep improving & to take home a win soon, no doubt we will see a win soon!

“I can't wait to race in the T4 World Cup with Formula Female. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m so excited for a busy weekend of close racing”

- Roìsín Sweeney

Follow Roísín:

TikTok: @roisin_s_racing

Instagram: @roisin_s_racing

For information on the T4 World Cup go to


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