Karting in Ireland

Karting is one of the most popular, affordable and competitive branches of motorsport. It offers motorsport for drivers from the age of five years upwards and has a level of competition to suit just about everyone. Karting in Ireland is governed by Motorsport Ireland which is part of the FIA. The FIA is the world governing body for most forms of motorsport around the world such as F1, WRC and World Rallycross.


Many F1 world champions such as Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton raced karts when they were younger and a lot of the current drivers began their careers in karts and continue to use them to keep fit. Fernando Alonso has his own kart race circuit and brand of kart.


Classes are divided up by age and kart and engine type. Girls and boys are treated equally and race together.

Motorsport Ireland

The Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship is the highest level of competition in Ireland. Each year, representatives from this championship compete at the IAME World Finals in Le Mans, France. In 2019 Alex O'Grady from Galway became the IAME MINIME World Champion. There are club level championships available too, which are great for those starting off. 

Tullyallen Karting Club


TKC is the largest independent karting club in Ireland. TKC's local track is Whiteriver Park, Collon, but it also hosts events across a range of tracks throughout the country that provide its members with variety and different driving challenges throughout the season. 

Leinster Kart Club 

Leinster kart club is an Irish go karting racing club we hold family friendly affordable racing for all ages (5+)we hold all our races in Athboy karting centre in Athboy Co.Meath
we hold our races once a month all year round.

Karting Classes

Bambino - Ages 5-8 

Motorsport Ireland has embraced a Bambino kart class for 6 – 8 year olds from which is described as pre‐race training for these youngsters. The maximum number of starters will be 17 otherwise a split grid will be required. They can compete in Bambino up to the end of the year of their 8th Birthday but at any time after their 8th Birthday they may upgrade to the Cadet Class. Chassis must be specific Bambino Chassis. The only permitted engines are the IAME M1 Bambino and the Comer C50 50cc engine. Tyres are the LE CONT MSA 04 all weather tyres.

Mini Kart - Ages 6-8


IAME Cadet - Ages 8-12


IAME X30 Junior - Ages 11-16

Rotax Senior Max - 16+

Rotax FR125 Max. The official engine supplier is J.A.G. Engineering and its approved dealers

IAME X30 Senior - 16+

125 Open - 16+

Tillotson T4 - 15+ 

How to get started in Karting

To get started in karting, the first thing to do is to attend an Event. See below, the 2020 Motorsport Ireland Karting Calendar, Tullyallen Karting Club Calendar and the Leinster Kart Club Calendar. Before you attend, figure out what class you want to race in. This will depend on your age. 

You might also want to do some research on the different classes and familiarise yourself with some of the specifications before you go. IAME is the leading global engine manufacturer for karting. Motorsport Ireland run IAME engines in their Cadet, X30 Junior and X30 Senior categories. Click on the links below for more information on the IAME engines 


X30 Junior

X30 Senior 

A kart is a reasonably simple piece of equipment and there are always people on hand to help you on a race weekend. There are also race teams that can transport and run the kart for you for a fee.


The format of a race day is practice, 2 qualifying heats, a pre-final and a final. Races usually take place on a Sunday, but on occasion the event can take place over two days.


If you go to an event you'll find there are an endless amount of people willing to help give you information you need to get started. Do not be intimidated by the larger race teams with big set ups as they too will be happy to help.

Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship (MI) 2020

22/03/2020        O- Plate - Watergrasshill, Cork

05/04/2020        Round 1 - Whiteriver, Collon 

10/05/2020        Round 2 - TBC 

24/05/2020        Round 3 - Watergrasshill, Cork

21/06/2020        Round 4 - Pallas Karting, Galway 

12/07/2020        Round 5 - Whiteriver, Collon 

26/07/2020        Round 6 - Pallas Karting, Galway 

16/08/2020        Round 7 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath 

13/09/2020        Round 8 - Watergrasshill, Cork

Tullyallen Karting Championship (TKC) 2020

15/03/2020        Round 1 - Whiteriver, Collon 

26/04/2020        Round 2 - Nutts Corner, Antrim

31/05/2020        Round 3 - Watergrasshill, Cork

28/06/2020        Round 4 - Pallas Karting, Galway 

19/07/2020        Round 5 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath

09/08/2020        Round 6 - Watergrasshill, Cork 

30/08/2020        Round 7 - Nutts Corner, Antrim 

04/10/2020        Round 8 - Whiteriver, Collon 

28/12/2020        T - Plate - Whiteriver, Collon 

Leinster Kart Club Championship (LKC) 2020

Winter Championship Dates

10/11/2019        Round 1 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath

08/12/2019        Round 2 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath

12/01/2020        Round 3 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath

09/02/2020        Round 4 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath 

08/03/2020        Round 5 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath

19/04/2020        Round 6 - Athboy Karting Centre, Meath

Summer Championship Dates


Click the link below to learn more about the karting regulations

Motorsport Ireland Kart Racing Regulations