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STEM in Motorsport

How STEM plays a role in Motorsport

Subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering & Math's are the foundations of Motorsport and offer a wide variety of career opportunities within the sport. 

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Science in Motorsport

Science of Speed

Chemistry is one scientific category found in Motorsports. Different tyre compounds are made to react differently with pressure and temperature, and it is up to the engineers to determine the optimal working chemistry between heat and pressure of each compound.

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Technology in Motorsport

Data Acquisition

The data acquisition system is basically an on-board computer, measuring every movement of the car. Engineers use the data to understand where time is lost or gained so they can make decisions on how to improve the car 

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Engineering in Motorsport

Data, Race & Simulation Engineering

Engineers design, build and tune the cars to go as fast as efficiently possible. Motorsport provides a platform for all types of engineers, from engine development engineers, material and composite engineers, electronic and data engineers, tire engineers, simulation, race performance and strategy engineers

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Maths in Motorsport

Math Channels & Strategy

Engineers use math to determine race strategy, fuel strategy and precise measurement. They can use math channels on the data acquisition system to perform predictive analysis in order to understand which configurations or changes on the car will lead to the most favorable results.

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